The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada's Journals

Produced from 1924 through 1973, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)'s Journals offer a crucial documentary history of the development of architecture and of architectural practices in Canada. This history is of broad relevance to Canadian culture, most obviously to architectural historians and heritage practitioners. It also speaks to important periods of development for Canadian culture and self-awareness, from the Great War memorials, through the Massey Commission era, to Expo 67' and the OPEC oil crisis, to the emergence of ecologically oriented design and to consciousness of Canada's built heritage.

The RAIC Journals went through five title changes throughout its 49 years of publication. These titles were:

  1. Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Journal, Volume 1 (1924) - Volume 36 (1959)
  2. R.A.I.C. Journal, Volume 37 (1960) - Volume 40 (1963)
  3. Journal RAIC/L'IRAC, Volume 41 (1964) - Volume 43 (June 1966)
  4. Architecture Canada, Volume 43 (July 1966) - Volume 46 (1969)
  5. Architecture Canada Newsmagazine, Volume 47 (1970) - Volume 50 (1973)

The RAIC Journal holdings are relatively dispersed and incomplete in Canadian library collections. Many libraries and archives have de-accessioned their holdings of this and other similar journals, and access to remaining collections is increasingly limited with service cutbacks.

The vast majority of the issues we are digitizing are taken from the print collection of the Sexton Design & Technology Library at Dalhousie University. This collection, which is nearly complete, includes bound volumes along with loose issues. Users of the website will notice that some of the digitized issues lack covers and advertisements. This is due to the common space-saving practice of stripping ads and covers out when journals are being bound.

Gaps in the Sexton Library's collection have been filled in a variety of ways. In a few cases we have purchased individual issues on the used-book marketplace. In others, we have been able to borrow volumes and issues from other collections, both institutional and individual. RAIC has generously helped in this regard. However, a special thanks goes out to Robert G. Hill, Architect, FRAIC, of Toronto for lending 8 issues from his personal collection.

SEXTONdigital's digitization project involves the creation of high quality archival PDF files of all issues of the RAIC Journal from 1924 through 1974, along with individual volume indices. Each journal issue is non-destructively scanned, cleaned and processed for optical character recognition (allowing word-level searching), and issue-level PDF files created. The resulting PDF files will be hosted on this website. The RAIC Journal archive will be free for anyone to access.