Titanic 100th Anniversary

Halifax, Nova Scotia was the closest major port to where the Titanic sank. Within hours of the sinking of the Titanic, The White Star line chartered ships from the Commercial Cable Company and Western Union of Halifax to search for victims of the sinking. This proximity and involvement makes the city of Halifax an ideal location to mark the centennial of the tragedy.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is planning many activities across town for the centennial. There will be festivities including concerts, a film festival, an academic conference, and various art events. There will also be tours of museums, memorials and ships in the harbor. As well, there will be a wake and commemoration to honour the memory of those who died in the disaster. This is an event 100 years in the making and it promises to be a mix of respectful remembrance and educational entertainment.

For greater details about the major organizations involved and the planned events for the centennial, please follow the links below for schedules and further information.

A Titanic Timeline
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